Dishwasher Buddy

Stop Being Frustrated Not Knowing if the Dishes in Your Dishwasher are Clean or Dirty


What a great idea for households with kids or partners, who don’t look before they start loading dirty dishes in with clean ones !!!

Great for businesses too!

You can use these magnetic dishwasher signs to show if your dishes are clean or dirty

Use this magnetic dishwasher sign to show that your dishes are clean !!!

Use this magnetic dishwasher sign to show you when your dishwasher can be filled!!

Both magnetic dishwasher signs can be simply put together (back to back) and turned over as required!

If you have a two drawer dishwasher then use one sign on each!

These magnet signs are 9.5 cm x 7cm for easy read plus different colours for clean and dirty, for quick reference !!!

You get both magnetic signs ( clean & dirty signs) in a pack.



Place both magnets back to back and position on your dishwasher door to indicate that the dishes inside are dirty…when the dishwasher is turned on, turn over the magnets to show the dishes inside are clean.

After the dishwasher is emptied, simply reverse the magnets again to indicate it is now clear to load your dirty dishes in again.!!!


The two magnets can be used separately to indicate the status of the dishes in the different drawers, clean or dirty.


>The graphics have been designed by a teacher to make them appealing to kids

> Not re-washing clean dishes because some put one dirty dishes in with clean ones.

> Easy to see if you have clean or dirty dishes in dishwasher.

> Everyone know to put dirty dishes in dishwasher and not on bench!

> Easy to use

Customer Feedback:

  • What a fantastic idea my kids just think it’s awesome, a real novel idea well done and it certainly works well. Very efficient trade thanks.
  • Superb trade!!! great little magnets for dishwasher-highly recommend
  • Thanks heaps for my wash buddies, cheers. Awesome product, great trader, friendly and prompt. (“,)
  • Thank you this is an awesome thing. It will help the kids know when to put the dishes in. (Ha ha). Would trade again. A+++
  • Great the kids love these things

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Stop all the frustration of not knowing if the dishes in your dishwasher are clean or dirty with these magnetic clean & dirty signs

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You get Both Magnetic Signs in a pack for Only $9.70

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